About us

We’re a young, dynamic, adventurous couple, full of dreams!

I, Margarida, have always had many interests. Dance, playing music, even painting (not very successful…), but nothing makes me feel more alive than travelling!

Fortunately I have been able to travel since I was young, first through Europe where I did two Interails, then further from home. Those travels led me to volunteer experiences: One in the Amazon (Brasil) and two others in São Tomé and Prícipe.

Together with these experiences, I followed a traditional career in Dentistry, in the University of Coimbra (Portugal). Obviously straight away after finishing my degree I decided to take on another challenge, that of an emigrant. It’s been over four years since I started to work in a foreign country, with another language, far away from those who I hold dear. And what an amazing experience it has been! Thanks to it I met the love of my life, João, and together we are making our dreams come true.

I, João, like Margarida was always lucky to be able to travel. With weekends in throughout Europe, two interails and family trips abroad, I always felt I was another person while traveling, a happier one!

After finishing my Masters in Aerospace Engineering, I left for France straight away, with the drive to live in other countries, experience other cultures and learn other languages. It has been six years.

I’ve worked customizing aircraft belonging to VIP and heads of state, and have seen first hand what is extreme luxury and inequality in many countries. One of the reasons I want to start this project with Margarida is the fact that I felt my work contributed absolutely nothing to fix our planet’s problems.

We’re ready to open a new chapter in our lives. Traveling the world was always in the back of our minds, and we decided to start now. There would always be excuses to postpone the trip! We’ve taken the first step: quitting our stable and well paying jobs. But we don’t want it to just be about the travel, we want more.

With this trip around the world, we want to raise awareness about the exponential rise of the waste that ends up in the world’s oceans, through our game.


To get in touch, send us an e-mail to: info@nomadplot.com