The D Day

This was my last post in the blog, my first blog which I started when I started living in France.

“After 4 years and a month of expat life, a very anticipated day arrived – D Day, the day I quit my job (In Portuguese, quitting your job starts with a D!). After all, who can follow their dreams when they’re locked up?

Nine years after having written it on a small list of dreams, that I ran into less than a week ago when I was tiding up in what will always be my home, finally one of my biggest dreams is soon coming true.

To make it come true, there were no easy choices. Leaving a stable job, an envious salary, a nice apartment… Everything you might want in today’s society.

Truth is I’m a very lucky person, and I hit the jackpot! I found the best person to spend the rest of my life with, and even better than that, our dreams complete each other’s perfectly. Finally we decided to postpone no more the D Day, and we will make this dream come true.

The first step is taken, and in June we will be free from our jobs, and we can embark on this adventure. After D Day I feel lighter. To tell the truth, I was never a good expat! After I started working in France, I’ve lost count of the trips to Portugal. I think they were around 35! Imagine, 70 flights in total, to try to reduce the homesickness. The dream of returning to Portugal was always with me, and to be honest, I never let myself become attached to my life here. On one hand I was learning so much, on the other I felt lost. Like I am somewhere I don’t belong.

The world

That dream, that I wrote on a piece of paper nine years ago, will now have a chance of coming true, in between the expat life and the return home. “Go around the world”, was what I wrote on a list of 9! Nowadays, circling the world can be done very quickly, but we don’t want to do it at the speed of three flights. We want to experience every step of the journey. We want to blend in other cultures and learn with them. And we also want to leave something good at all the stops we make.

Many don’t understand why me and João with such a good work status, could trade the stability, the comfort, for the doubts, the unsafe, to trade the answers for the questions. The fact is we don’t have answers to all the questions, but we know life should be lived well, and there is nothing more precious than time, the other people and our Planet.

The work-home routine, in some way, destroyed my dream of making a difference. The day-to-day as a dentist is not what I hoped, but that is a big enough topic for another post… Unfortunately I realize more and more that greed is what moves human beings. Having more, to spend more, to show more. Always more stuff. And where is the place for happiness? It’s very easy to enter into this cycle, and then, when you realize, the years have gone. Therefore, even without all the answers, it’s better to live in the present, and to be happy.”


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