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We hope that you become addicted to our Nomad Plot, that will take you travelling through our words, photos and videos. We want your adventure to start here!

After some years wondering if we would ever manage to break free of the shackles that bind us to our careers and daily routines, we decided to wait no longer.

It’s time to plan step by step and to make our dream come true, a round the world trip.

Here, you can learn more about us, and in our blog you can follow all the stages of this adventure, from the day we quit our jobs, to the destinations we travel to.

As part of our trip, we thought about developing a boardgame, called Clean the oceans, that aimed to tackle the issue of garbage (particularly plastic) in the oceans.

This option proved to be unpractical, and we decided to create an outdoor game, that all the children can play at the same time.Through this fun game, we aim to create awareness for the problem, especially in countries that often don’t have good garbage collection infrastructure. These types of countries will make up most of our trip, and we will present and offer it in local schools.

Of course such a trip requires money! You will also find posts in our blog about personal finance and financial independence, and discover how you can find the freedom we are all looking for!

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